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I know that one thing that all Jeep owners can agree on is that the lighting that we get from the factory on the Jeep Wrangler is poor at best. It is the probably the biggest and most noticeable shortcoming on the rig and definitely the first on the list of upgrades! The San Diego Jeep Club has partnered with J.W. Speaker to get some of the best LED Lighting solutions available for the Jeep.

We have improved our safety, both on the road and off, with these significantly improved lighting solutions. Not only are we able to see more clearly in all weather conditions, we have also added to the Jeep styling with some unique appearances. These are true plug and play solutions, there is no need for additional components (like an anti-flicker harness for the headlights) and no modifications to the Jeep are needed to get a fully operational setup. These lights surpass DOT & Transport Canada requirements, so no worrying if they are "legal".

Installation Notes:

     Products Used

The following are the J.W. Speaker items that were used for this install:

  • J.W. Speaker Model 8700 Evolution J Headlights (Press Release)
  • J.W. Speaker Model 279 J series LED Tail Lights
  • J.W. Speaker Model TS3001R LED Auxiliary Lights



Additional information on the lights installed

  • J.W. Speaker Model 8700 Evolution J Headlights
    • No anti-flicker harness required. It is the first LED headlight with integrated anti-flicker technology that eliminates flickering caused by the Jeep electrical system and offers plug & play installation!
    • “Half halo” light pipe design
    • Plug & play installation
    • Surpasses DOT & Transport Canada requirements
    • Intended for use on 2007+ Jeep Wranglers & Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • J.W. Speaker Model 279 J series LED Tail Lights
    • Off-road lighting designed exclusively for Jeeps
    • Stop, tail, turn and backup functions
    • Unique blacked out styling and contoured housing
    • Innovative light blade technology
  • J.W. Speaker Model TS3001R LED Auxiliary Lights
    • The TS3001R is a 6” round LED off-road auxiliary light designed for rugged off-road use. Featuring a thermally-conductive proprietary technology housing and state-of-the-art LEDs, the TS3001R is resistant to the shock and vibration commonly associated with off-roading.
    • Premium performance high-output LEDs
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • New mounting simplifies installation and provides greater mounting flexibility
    • Increased light output provides premium off-road performance
    • Additional colored lens for off-roading available


     Tools/Items Used

In addition to having some great friends to help you out, you'll also need the following tools and materials.

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • T-15 TORX Bit
  • T-40 TORX Bit
  • 1/4" Hex bit
  • 9/16" Socket
  • Wire strippers/cutter
  • Extra wire (for auxiliary lights only)
  • Wire connectors or solder gun (for connecting additional wires (for auxiliary lights only)
  • Marine Shrink tubing (optional for covering the wire connections on the auxiliary lights only)
  • Heat gun (optional for sealing marine shrink tubing)



The overall installation of all of the lights was very easy and can be done quickly in the evening or during a weekend project. If you are planning on adding some off-road lighting you will need to purchase some additional wiring to extend the lights as well as a switch or control system to activate the lights. You'll also want to purchase some connectors or a soldering gun to correctly connect your lead wires on each light. We have installed a sPOD system for the additional lighting and accessories being added to the Jeep Build.


Additional information on the J.W. Speaker Lighting solutions and other products can be found on their website.


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