Episode 5 - PRP Suspension Seats

Seats...they do not add horsepower, no hidden torque to be unleashed and you do not get better climbing powered from them. You really do not pay much attention to them until you start to get that tired leg feeling from just sitting there, then everything starts to become uncomfortable and you move yourself in different ways just to try and find a more comfortable position. The OEM seats in this rig had seen much better days as there were a few tears, numerous frays and a few stains that I could just not remove. It was an easy decision for me to pull the factory seats and get a much needed upgraded. More importantly I will increase the comfort factor when highway traveling to those off-road meccas and it will be a huge improvement in comfort on those long distance overland adventures!

Not only will these seats give a unique appearance to the rig, by installing a custom built seat and rear bucket seat setup, we are also improving the ride both of and off-road with the comfort of a "suspension seat". What is a suspension seat, you ask? An exceprt from "How Stuff Works" refers the following to suspension seats. "You may be tempted to make your butt a footnote when it comes to outfitting your off-road vehicle. Don't do it. A good seat can keep you comfortable and safe through even the roughest rides. These days, serious truck, SUV and buggy drivers rely on suspension seats, which suspend the driver in a web of elastic cords. The webbing lies beneath the seat cover and acts to reduce the force applied to the driver as the vehicle slams down or wrenches to the side. This keeps the driver focused on driving instead of trying to stay upright." (full information can be read HERE). When choosing what seats I was going to install in this rig, there were a few requirements I needed: 1) Comfort. Above everything else, I was tired of getting "tired" while out on the trail or highway traveling on the Jeep OEM seats. They were very uncomfortable and provided no lumbar support. 2) Function. There are racing seats, "bucket" seats (which have high rails on each side to keep you centered in the seat), low profile seats, etc.  3) Form. I wanted a customized and unique look that separates this build from other Jeep builds, while giving me requirements 1 and 2.  The removable center cushion provides a very comfortable alternative that the traditional flat seat. The cushion is contoured for placing my booty back in the seat while at the same time raising up and providing optimal positioning for my legs. Since the cushion is removable, it also allows me to easily clean out the seat from all of the dirt and sand that gets blown into the cab.  The taller contoured seat backs are incredible, making it a very comfortable positioning of my shoulders keeping me in place and providing much needed support.

Installation Notes:

     Products Used

The following are the PRP Seat and accessory items that were used on this upgrade

  • PRP Eduro Elite (High Back otion) Recliner x4 - Link
  • Jeep JK Seat Mount x2 - Link
  • Jeep JK Unlimited Rear Seat Mount - Link
  • 5.3 Harness (Black) x4 - Link



The PRP Enduro Elite Recliner is a custom made seat that offers a wide variety of color combinations in addition to other options including an extra wide and extra tall selections. Since I am on the taller side, I opted for the 4" taller seat and this made a huge difference in shoulder placement. Additional seat options include rear pocket, water pack, air lumbar support and heated seats.


     Tools/Items Used

In addition to having some great friends to help you out, you'll also need the following tools to complete the upgrade

  • T40 Torx Bit
  • 9/16" socket or ratcheting wrench (will be used for seat bolt removal)
  • 18MM socket or ratcheting wrench (will be used for front seat sliders)
  • Torque wrench
    • Front and Rear seat bolts are torqued down to 45 ft/lbs



Like all of our installs with SDJC, having fellow Jeep owners along to help you out is invaluable! Not only will it cut down in the total amount of time required to do the work, great conversations can be had and stories while out on the trail, during the install are always great. Removal of the OEM seat bolts can be a bit tuff. These bolts are exposed to the elements on the underside of the Jeep, so if you (or the Jeep has) lived in locations prone to rust/salt corrosion, you will want to properly prep the bolts with some PB or other rust penetrating lubricant. When you get the bolts out, clean out the body nuts and remove any debris. When reinstalling the bolts, you can use an anti seize (if you ever plan on removing the seats at a later date) or Loctite. If you use anti seize,  make sure you routinely check the torque on the bolts.


Additional information on PRP seats, benches and more product can be found on their website


If there are any questions, please feel free to post them up in our Forum

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