Episode 3 - The Reveal

Wow, the odyssey of getting the right Jeep for the build may have been as grueling as a 3-day overland trip across Death Valley....in July...with no air conditioning....brutal but we finally did it! How do we submit the Jeep Badge of Honor for completing this adventure?!


The final decision was based on several factors. Initial cost, estimated cost for the proposed upgrades, availability of upgrades, time-frame for completing the build, unknown items and eventually they all rolled up to the total cost of ownership for getting the rig to that sweet spot of the hybrid Rock Crawler / Overlander.  Now, the 2nd leg of the journey begins. We will start tearing into this Jeep and preparing to unleash the beast hidden within this shell!

.....We cannot wait to get this Jeep into the garage and start working on it!

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