Episode 2 - The Search

It has been a challenge! Who would have thought looking for a Jeep to buy would be so difficult? After an uncounted amount of calls and e-mails and trying to schedule showings, we were finally able to narrow the search down to a select few. We did have some requirements that limited the search...We needed to find as much as a stock Jeep as possible and within budget. The CJ model jeep was the most difficult, there were really only a few to choose from and those were already built. The YJ search was a bit easier and we were able to find 2 that would meet our requirements. The TJ/LJ model search found some really nice candidates for the build. The JK model, both 2 door and 4 door, also provided some potentials. Now, we check out these Jeeps and see first hand which one will best fit our build!

...from a huge cast of candidates, here are the finalists!

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